UK economy: During the last week, we witnessed of tremendous swings in GBPUSD.

Although the trend of the pair was bullish, at Thursday we saw a sharp fall in the Exchange rate and later we saw an intensified return in the pair. Such swings may also be repeated this week. BREXIT’s negotiations and monetary policies have continued to push the pound under pressure.

At first, it is better to take a look at the economic calendar. The UK inflation data will be released Tuesday, that is predicted the annual inflation rate of 2.9% reach to 3%, with this result, the distance of inflation to the target of 2% will reach to 1%. In this case, the head of the Bank of England will have to write a letter to explain the 3% increase in inflation to the UK finance minister. at the same day, Mark Kerni will be intended at the House of Commons Treasury Committee as Governor of the Central Bank of England on them. This could be a great opportunity for Mark Kerni to prepare the conditions to rise rate at the November meeting.

The market also expects the central bank to increase its interest rate to 0.5% at the November meeting.

However, UK policymakers need to pay attention to unemployment data, wage growth, retail sales and general borrowing levels. If the reports cite a sign of economic weakness be seen, it would be difficult to raise interest rates. In addition, there is another problem with raising UK interest rates: BREXIT talks. A senior negotiator said on Thursday that the talks had stalled. The interesting thing about the BREXIT talks is that at the EU Council meeting on Thursday and Friday, the issue of exit of England from the European Union will be the last issue to be discussed

The council is composed of EU leaders and in the negotiations will be discussed on the departure of Britain from the European Union. The England will not be present at this meeting. Although the Bank of England may refuse to raise interest rates in such a situation, in last Friday a news from some of EU members realized based on that it would probably suggest an agreement for passing the current

Ultimately, the Pound traders should also consider British policy issues. The British prime minister could survive the challenges of recent leadership, but now all the focus is on the finance minister of England Hammond. A former UK official has said that Hammond should be fired because he did not help to the BREXIT process. There has also been increased support for the exit of UK from the European Union with difficulty or without an agreement, as the European parties have apparently been “unbearable” in the talks. All these factors make it harder for a pound trading, and it might be better not trade pound because of intensified fluctuations now.