✔ EURUSD Analysis
27 sep 2017

– The EURUSD was dropped yesterday at 1.1757 and closed near 1.18$ in US trading. The currency pair is approaching $ 1,750. Given the fact that an important economic report from the euro area has not been published and the political situation in Germany has not been changed, the price movements of the currency pair will be more affected by the movements of the dollar. However, it should be noted that the European Central Bank will annonce the decline in QE in less than two weeks. The change in European monetary policy will take place before the United States, and so you can expect a bullish return on the exchange pair.

– There is still a possibility of further weakening of the currency pair, and the Exchange rate can reach below $ 1,1750. Of course, everything depends on the market response to the Trump Tax Reform Program. Nevertheless, the market seems to be predicting the impact of the Trump Tax Reform Program. For this reason, we may see the re-entry of buyers to the market from the high of 1.17.