From the perspective of the Euro-Atlantic perspective, it is promising

Last week, one of the major currencies of the market was the euro. Fundamentally to the economic outlook of the euro area is positive. According to most recent economic reports, inflation, consumer spending and retail index in Germany (the largest economy in the euro area) have been improved. Improving the economic indicators will make the decision of the European Central Bank with the beginning of Contradictory policy be serious since October. ECB chairman Mario Draghi said in a speech last week that the bank will decide on the future of QE at the October meeting.

However, Draghi, said their decisions would be such that the region’s economic recovery would not be disturbed, but if economic data be good, the central bank will probably talk about possible changes in the coming months, in addition to initiating a process to reduce QE policies. week began with The German election and we saw a fall in the value of the euro, but the euro could maintain its value. In each case, German Chancellor Angela Merkel will remain, and in the near future a coalition government will be formed in Germany, and certainly, these will have a positive impact on the euro. In the new week of deals, a significant report from the euro area will not be published