✔ USDCAD Analysis
27 sep 2017

– Today we have a speech by the head of the Central Bank of Canada. Yesterday, the Canada dollar was the only currency that grew against the US dollar. After the Canada Finance Minister announced that Canadian growth could still be expected to improve Canada’s growth, and the increase in interest rates could be a good idea, the Canadian dollar was strengthened.


  • – After the Central Bank of Canada raised its interest rate twice this year, it is expected that we will see a third step in raising interest rates in 2017. From the last meeting of the Bank of Canada till now, oil prices have been rising, and the Fed has been forced to plan to rebound in interest rates in December. After a ten-day bullish move without a USDCAD correction, yesterday we saw a correctional return in exchange rate. If the head of the Canada central bank stresses the increasinginterest rates, the pair may fall to 1.23.