In Asian transactions, investors have shifted few risk assets, so stock prices in Japan have declined. Last night, the President of the Federal Reserve re-strengthten the market sentiments of rising interest rates in December and we saw dollar growth in the market. Janet Yellen said in her speech last night that the gradual increase in interest rates is an appropriate monetary policy among the vague inflationary outlook. The US dollar was also supported by the Tramp tax reform proposal. This caused the demand for the Japanese yen to decline.

Khalil Say is very good for EURUSD , and go UP

After we saw growth in stock indices at historic peaks in early September, it seems that there are no further conditions for a bullish rally. At the moment, the chance of rising interest rates in December reached near 75%. Continuing this week’s trading sessions, investors’ attention will continue to be on Canadian, British and American monetary policies, while political events will affect the market. Earlier this week, the escalation of tensions in the Korean peninsula increased demand for secure assets such as gold, the Japanese yen and US treasury bills, which seems to have gone away.

Donald Trump and Republican leaders today will release the tax reform program. The program is expected to reduce the 35 percent tax rate. In terms of high-income people’s tax, Donald Trump has prepared a plan, but will give the decision opportunity to Congress. The corporate tax rate will drop from 35% to 20%