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The Fxcma Trading Team is a pioneer in the field of trading and education in the field of financial markets, which provides services included investing and trading academy, Markets Analysis via Technical and Fundamental style, and do that completely for free, to people who are interested in financial and economic activities. Our Group has prepared valuable different educational and analytical program In accordance with the most up-to-date and most standardized international methods that they will able you to change your financial conditions in your life, and reach to financial independence. Considering the advice and trading suggestions in the daily and weekly analysis section, you will be able to use your extra capital in the Purposeful and scientific way for the financial markets ( Forex exchange market, the stock market, and commodity and etc.) 


 We believe that all people in the world need financial and economic intelligence for their daily lives, and we are trying to start training from the most basic concepts in the market. you can contact us with communication ways that we mentioned in (contact us menu) or insert comments after the posts and ask your questions.


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