Fxcma Trader’s Group – About US

Introducing Fxcma Trade’s Group, with more than 10 years of experience in trading and analyzing international financial markets, has been working to provide trading, analytical, and educational services and analyzing financial markets such as:


  • Foreign exchange market (Forex or FX Market)
  • Commodities Markets
  • Digital Currency (CryptoCurrency)
  • Stock Market (the Shares of American, European and English companies)
  • Indices (Total Stock Index)
  • Bond Market


The Fxcma trading and analysis team, with the motto “Success is not intrinsic, but it can be achieved through knowledge and hands-on skills”, focuses on the services and needs of people and the new solutions methods for trading development, is a live example of a successful team that began its work from zero-level.

We will try to explain the best and most up-to-date financial market analysis styles for all people and take the steps in the financial market to make the profit.

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