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weekly analysis is analyzing and explaining price movements to predict the trends in the market during a special week is called "Weekly Analysis".

Many people use this time frame and it is one of the most favorite strategies in technical analysis.

In this site, we will teach you all about various frames in the Analysis of foreign exchange market and indices, to know that what happens in transactions of stocks of European, British or American companies. in commodities and metals market are the same.

 we will also train the kinds of analysis that included:


New Zealand economy – October 16, 2017

New Zealand economy: Most likely, the New Zealand Consumer Price Index, for the third quarter of 2017, would undermine the NZDUSD's mid-term bullish return. If...

چشم انداز اقتصادی بازار ارز – هفته سوم ژانویه 2018

تاریخ آپدیت: 15 ژانویه 2018 در جدول بالا موسوم به بازدهی مشاهده می شود که دلار آمریکا برای پنجمین هفته متوالی در برابر ارزهای اصلی...

Crude Oil Market – October 16, 2017

Crude Oil Market Weekly Analysis The price of light crude oil (WTI) and Brent oil ended the week at higher levels. The good reports of...

Canada economy – October 16, 2017

Canada economy: The Canadian dollar (CAD) trend is also neutral, but if the NAFTA negotiations trend (North American Free Trade Agreement) Interrupted and deteriorate, the...

Japan Fundamental Analysis – October 16, 2017

Japan economy: Last week was a vague week for the Japanese yen. The yen strengthened against the dollar but weakened against the pound, the New Zealand...

United States Fundamental Analysis – October 16, 2017

American Economy:  Last week, while the US is confident on rising interest rates in December, the US dollar was forced by strong downtrends. At September...

Crude Oil Market – October 8, 2017

Crude Oil Market Weekly Analysis Brent crude oil and light America crude oil (WTI) closed down last week in negative limitation, and the bullish rally...

UK ( British ) Fundamental Analysis – October 16, 2017

UK economy: During the last week, we witnessed of tremendous swings in GBPUSD. Although the trend of the pair was bullish, at Thursday we saw...

United States Fundamental Analysis -2  October,  2017

Why the US dollar's downside correctional probability is serious?   - September was a good month for the US dollar. The dollar has been strengthened by...

Australia Fundamental Analysis – October 3, 2017

The Australian dollar has a significant week ahead - This week we will have Australian Reserve Banking Rate Settlement. However, investors in addition to...