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There are two common uses of stock. The first refers to the goods on hand which is to be sold to customers. In that situation, stock means inventory.

The second used to mean the ownership shares of a corporation which provides evidence of his or her ownership of a corporation's common stock or preferred stock.

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Australia ( AUS ) 200 Analysis – 08 November 2017

✔ AUS 200 Analysis Date :08 Nov 2017 Aus 200 Structure: Correction – Wave X:(Y) Key Support: 5839.56 - 5825.87 - 5450.25 Key Resistance: 6207.50 - 6055.30 - 6033.53

HSBC Analysis – 5 October 2017

Shares of the British company HSBC Analysis The price completed its structure after a downward correction, which you can search it on the "Fxcma telegram...

Facebook (FB) Analysis – 5 October 2017

Facebook (FB) Index Analysis In our last analyzes, we had analyzed the end of waves3 and the end of wave W from the correctional wave4,...

A Look to the market in a few short clauses

In Asian transactions, investors have shifted few risk assets, so stock prices in Japan have declined. Last night, the President of the Federal Reserve...

CAC 40 France – 5 October 2017

CAC 40 France Index We identified In the "Fxcma telegram channel", the end of the correctional wave4 that the price began to continue its trend...
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Twitter Analysis – 10 July 2018

Twitter Analysis  Update: 10 July 2018 Twitter Structure: Correction – Wave 4:(Y) Key Support: 41.13, 36.71 Key Resistance: 49.27, 54.80 The stock index of Twitter is on a bullish...