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Forex, (foreign exchange trading) is an international market for trading currencies. It is similar to the stock exchange; it is a way to get profit from the changing values of the currencies based on their exchange rates. In fact, the foreign exchange market sets the value of floating exchange rates.

Forex trading is where you can buy and sell currencies, simultaneously.The participants of the Forex market are banks, corporations, institutional investors, hedge funds and individuals. The Forex market is open 24 hours a day 5 days a week for trading.

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USD Index Analysis – 20 September 2018

USD index Analysis Update: 20 September 2018 در نمودار چهارساعته مشاهده میکنیم که بازار در یک روند نزولی واقع شده است که به احتمال بالا این...
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USDJPY Analysis – 26 February 2018

USDJPY Analysis As you can see, we published an analysis of this pair (USDJPY) in a very long time, we were expecting exactly two scenarios...
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AUSUSD Analysis – 10 August 2018

Australian  Dollar Vs US Dollar Analysis Update: 10 َAugust 2018 تحلیل دلار استرالیا به دلار آمریکا تاریخ آپدیت: 10 اوت 2018 در آخرین تحلیل که 27 ژوئن برای...
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USDCAD Analysis – 07 August 2018

US Dollar Vs Canadian Dollar  ( USDCAD) Update: 07 August 2018 Key Support: 1.2895, 1.2783 Key Resistance: 1.3053, 1.3092-3085 نرخ برابری دلار ایالات متحده آمریکا به دلار کانادا تاریخ آپدیت: 07...
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GBPUSD Analysis – 25 February 2018

GBPUSD Analysis We are probable for this Pair ( GBPUSD )) of two scenarios: 1. Our uptrend has reached its bottom and the downtrend has begun 2....
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USDJPY Analysis – 27 June 2018

US Dollar Vs Japanese Yen  Analysis Update: 27 June 2018 Key Support: 109.43 , 107.02 Key Resistance: 112.81 , 110.76 شاخص تورم ماه می در ژاپن نیز در هفته...
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EURUSD Analysis – 15 August 2018

EURO Vs US Dollar - EURUSD UPDATE: 15 August 2018 Key Support: 1.1235, 1.1127 Key Resistance: 1.1364, 1.1469 تحلیل نرخ برابری یورو واحد پولی اتحادیه اروپا به دلار ایالات...

EURUSD Analysis – 27 September 2017

✔ EURUSD Analysis 27 sep 2017 - The EURUSD was dropped yesterday at 1.1757 and closed near 1.18$ in US trading. The currency pair is approaching...

GBPUSD Analysis – 16 October 2017

Analysis of the British Pound vs US Dollar The ruling trend on this currency pair is still complex, and this is due to movements in...

NZDUSD Analysis – 27 September 2017

✔ NZDUSD Analysis 27 sep 2017 New Zealand Dollar has fallen sharply before the release of the New Zealand Reports. New Zealand's election results have only...