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Risk and Money Management is about the condition in which the trader through the analysis by managing the number and volume of trading, seeks to maximize profits with the least risk. Larry Hite offers this practical advice: "Never risk more than 1% of total equity on any trade. By only risking 1%, I am indifferent to any individual trade." This is a very good lesson. A trader can be wrong many times in a row and still have eighty percent of the equity left.

The reality is that very few traders have the discipline to practice this method consistently. Most traders can only absorb the lessons of risk discipline through the unpleasant experience of monetary loss. This is the most important reason that why traders should use only their speculative assets when entering the Forex market for the first time. To start trading you should choose the amount of money that will not affect your life if you were to lose it.

مدیریت معاملات: به شرایطی که معامله گر در آن از طریق تحلیل به دنبال حداکثر کردن سود با کمترین ریسک بوسیله مدیریت تعداد و حجم مبادلات است گفته می شود